1. The Heat


    The heat has me losing my head…I am wishing I could be in a bikini permanently. Since that is not possible, the floaty dresses in my closet have been working overtime to get through the summer highs. I am also loving sparse jewelry because I can’t stand the feel of anything stuck to my sweaty skin.

  2. I was randomly looking through Bella Naija and I saw these pictures. I just had to share because I like the skirts so much. These are by Thula Sindi. Of course, photos courtesy of Bella Naija.


  3. L’Espace Look Book


    I have spent a lot of time lamenting the fact that I am getting bored with fashion lately. My fashion apathy comes in two strands. There is the general strand where I just don’t feel any connection to fashion in general. I look at red carpet pictures and I am bored. Everybody seems to have forgotten to bring the drama, the life and the creativity to the table.

    The second strand of fashion relates in particular to Nigerian fashion scene. I look at look books and I realise just from photos that the designers have not yet grasped the concept of fit and quality. I know fashion industry in NIgeria is nascent. I hope it keeps growing and maturing. 

    My prayer that it grows is why I am able to see the beauty in things like the L’Espace Lookbook for 2013. I like what they have done because it looks professional. It also has a clear sense of cohesiveness and concept. You can check out the rest of the images on Bella Naija here.

    Image was sourced from bellanaija.com


  4. Pink Time

    Presentation Time

    Pink is not something I buy often simply because I am not into the girly look. However, I got a pink jacket from H&M for $7.50 during sales on Saturday that I am pairing with my ankle length black jeans from H&M and my ribbon-print pussy-bow blouse from my clothing label House 38. The jacket, slightly cropped with off-center zipper, looked good and the pice was right, so now I can do a pink look.


  5. Hello Spring!

    It is such good fun dressing up now that the snow has gone and the sun is making a regular appearance here in Boston. I am loving the variety of colors that I am seeing in the stores. For this outfit, I wanted to create something that would work well in the outfit and for a date night as well. For the daytime, you could add a tote to carry extra stuff.

    Hello Spring


  6. Inspired: Lace

    Inspired: Lace

    I saw a Stella McCartney Lace look and I was inspired to create it a lower price point. I really liked how the blouse and trousers matched so I tried to keep that look my keeping with a white palette for the skirt and blouse. I have added a flash of color with the rich look of the jewelry.
  7. Lust of the Day- I love her outfit. I am really loving the lacy look at the moment and this Stella McCartney look is amazing. Look out for a set inspired by it soon.

    *Image from telegraph.co.uk